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What does it take to create economic security? What does it take for families to break the cycle of dependence and thrive?  At Garrett County Community Action, Inc. (GCCAC) we believe that it’s about working with community partners to empower families to create their own pathway to achieve their goals.

With generous support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, GCCAC is pioneering a new means to create family, economic security commonly referred to as the 2-Generation approach or 2-G for short. The model that GCCAC has pioneered focuses on both children and family in a holistic manner pairing access to high quality early childhood education with opportunities that strengthen the family core. Goals and priorities are identified and established by the families we serve.  Our role is to coach and facilitate the needed resources to help them fulfill their goals; along their journey, we track progress by creating measurable outcomes.

Education,Child,School Buil...Our ability to generate positive outcomes is made possible by our utilization of management information systems (MIS)and centralized data management.  Parallel to the advancement of our 2-G approach, GCCAC has developed proprietary data intake and centralized database management software, called “empowOR.”  empowOR offers a universal data intake workflow automatically determining program eligibilities and the offer of bundled services for families. 

Implementing the new 2-G approach that harnesses the technical capacity of empowOR provides the stepping stones for families to reach their goals holistically. With our community partners career coaching, adult education classes, health insurance assistance, job searches and other fundamental services are available.  Each family decides where they want to go. We help them get there. And we celebrate with them each step of the way.


 The 2-Generation Approach in Action

GCCAC has had a number of successes from applying the 2-Generation Approach while meeting the needs of families in Garrett County. From the link below, see a few of these local success stories, and the 2 Generation Approach in action.

See a few 2-G Success Stories 

The 2-Generation Approach can be defined and implemented in a number of ways depending upon an agency's capacity and the needs of families and communities.  GCCAC has created a video, (see below), that details GCCAC’s 2-G Approach.


 GCCAC's 2 Generation Approach

GCCAC's President - Duane Yoder on GCCAC's 2-G Approach

All Together Now: Advancing 2Gen Strategies in Rual America

See the Rural IMPACT 2G demonstration site video that was created/supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Obama Administration’s White House Rural Council effort.


10 Communities Named Rural IMPACT Demonstration Sites Released: September 25, 2015 From the White House Office of the Press Secretary of the Obama Administration

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