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Below is a list of GCCAC managed rental properties. You can click "see details" next to a property listing to see a printable document with pictures and the description of each property. If a unit is vacant, it will be listed as a sub menu (left) under the "Residential Rental Properties" menu selection.
112 Roanoke Ave., Loch Lynn (see details)

2247 Maryland Hwy., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

513 Tuscawalla St., Loch Lynn  (see details)

19 E. Center St., Oakland (see details)

304 Woodland Dr., Oakland (see details)

14 E. Liberty St., Oakland (see details)

307 G St., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

Valley View Apartments, Acident, 7 Units (see details)

4344 Friendsville Rd. Friendsville (see details)

207 E St., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

118 Durst Ct., Grantsville (see details)

5914 Maryland Hwy., Deer Park (see details) 

1405 Hazel St., Kitzmiller (see details)

111 Hillcrest Dr., Deer Park (see details)

115 Spruce St., Mt. Lake Park  (see details) 

404 E St., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

110 Decatur St., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

286 W. Main St., Kitzmiller (see details)

Water St. South Apartments, 319 S. Third St., Oakland (see details)

Triangle Apartments, 107 Roanoke Ave., Mt. Lake Park (see details)

2086 Jennings Rd. (duplex) (see details)

14645 Garrett Hwy., (219 N.) Oakland (see details)

Alder St. Apartments, 523 E. Alder Street, Oakland

114 E. Water Street, Oakland (duplex) (see details)


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