What Garrett Transit Offers:
Transportation To: Transportation For:
Doctor The General Public
Lunch Seniors
Hospital Handicapped Individuals
Parks Medical Assistance Clients
Shopping All Residents of Garrett County
Hair Dresser Everyone
Group Outing  
Grocery Store Need:
Visit a Friend Special Attention?
Court House Special Arrangement?
Drug Store Handicapped Van?
Any Other Place  
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The Basics:
  • Safety is our first priority
  • Trips can originate from any point within Garrett County
  • An aide to passenger may be required
  • Fares are payable when boarding
What We Offer:
  • Safe, clean vehicles.
  • Radio dispatching.
  • Lift-equipped vehicles.
  • Up to 18 passenger vehicles.
  • Friendly service.
  • Reasonable rates
Garrett Transit Service (GTS) is the public transportation provider for Garrett County. Monday thru Friday, GTS provides transportation services to meet the needs of residents and visitors of the County.
When you place a call to Garrett Transit Service our professional dispatchers will quickly assist in scheduling your next trip.  Our professional drivers take pride in their ability to get you to your destination safely and on time whether your trip is across the county or across the state.
Affordable and convenient, everyone at Garrett Transit Service is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and a dependable service. All of our buses and vans are equipped to handle wheel chairs, and all drivers are required to maintain a commercial driver's license and appropriate first aid training.
If you need a regular ride to work or for an appointment our subscription service allows for "one call scheduling."  Once your ride information is entered, we'll be there to get you to your destination without the hassle of calling to schedule every day.   GTS can assist with all your transit needs whether it is one time or everyday Monday through Friday. 
Whatever the purpose of your trip, GTS is community driven and is ready to transport you safely, and comfortably. From July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, the team at Garrett Transit Service conducted over 110,000 rides and travelled over 625,000 miles accident free.
Call 24 hours in advance for local trips and at least 3 business days in advance for out of county trips.  Anyone interested in ridership can call GTS at 301-533-9010, or 301-334-9431 Ext. 6300.
Note:  Due to increasing requests for service, Garrett Transit Service strongly encourages all riders to call as soon as they know that they will need a ride. Last minute calls for a ride may not be possible to arrange.

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We took 100,000 riders nearly a million miles last year.

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Our Mission

The mission of Garrett Transit Service is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to all residents of Garrett County


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8:30am to 4:30pm


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